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Building Rapport

The term “Rapport” refers to certain human characteristics which are an unconscious human reaction and in layman’s terms the phrase ‘Building Rapport’ refers to being.


The phrase, CAHSEE, is an abbreviation for the Californian High School Exit Exam and those who have taken the CAHSEE have found that preparation for CAHSEE.

Cahsee Prep

CAHSEE prep, or Californian High School Exit Exam preparation, has been enhanced tremendously by Brain X, as the system can effectively gauge the individual.

Online Sales Training

Brain X is a flexible and adaptable online training system which makes use of a Digital or online Tutor and this digital tutor has the ability to teach any subject.

Sales Negotiation

Effective Sales Negotiation requires assertiveness and determination, and effective Sales Negotiation may very well mean clinching the sale or losing the deal.

Sales Negotiation Training

Brain X is a flexible and adaptable online learning system which makes uses of a Digital Tutor. The Tutor can teach any subject to any person and perhaps.

Sales Training

The purpose of the training solutions that have been developed by Brain X has been designed to enhance on the job performance and the customers.

Sales Training Course

Brain X has designed its Sales Training Courses to allow sales representatives to improve their skills while working and the systems which are in place in the Sales Training.

Sales Training Courses

If you have a job that involves any type of sales, then you realize just how difficult the job has a tendency to be. Sales has its ups and downs, but the experienced salesperson.

Sales Training Seminars

If you are currently scouring the web trying to find some high quality sales training seminars, then look no further than BrainX. BrainX is the leader in the industry for adaptive online learning.


Many people who work in the sales realm may not be the best equipped to perform such a difficult job. Perhaps they were under-trained, the training did not make sense to them.

Study Skills

No matter how hard we may try, it can sometimes seem impossible to properly utilize good study skills so as to retain the information that is necessary to pass the next exam.

Study Skills Curriculum

If you are the owner of a business, the principal of a school, or even just the average person who is trying to find a study skills curriculum, then look no further than BrainX.