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Solutions for Schools

In schools BrainX is primarily used to help struggling learners dramatically improve their academic performance. It is remarkably effective with English Learners, Special Education Students and students with low motivation levels. The success of BrainX with† struggling learners has earned BrainX prestigious honors as well as extensive positive write ups in T.H.E Journal and other publications. BrainX is also used to help high performing learners reach even greater levels of academic achievement.

How it works Pre Assessments Coursework The BrainX Advantage

The BrainX Online Learning Systemís personalized intensive instruction first measures individual knowledge gaps in Math and English Language Arts with a pre-assessment, then fills those gaps by generating a targeted course plan. The system then automates distributed practice of learned material based on each studentís individual learning pattern. Students also take academic vocabulary courses concurrently with their English Language Arts and Math coursework to improve comprehension. In addition to addressing the academic reasons for poor student performance, BrainX also addresses language and mindset barriers that may impede studentsí ability to perform at grade level, even though they understand grade level material. The digital tutor provides positive reinforcement and motivational support that will change studentsí beliefs about their own abilities. A Spanish speaking digital tutor addresses language barriers by teaching new material in Spanish, and then challenges each student to apply their knowledge in English, to improve their English language skills.