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  • Reduce Costs: BrainX produces custom training for your products, sales methodology, industry and brand, at about half the cost of traditional online learning and custom simulations.

  • Increase Effectiveness: SalesFlex improves the effectiveness of training with a patented, brain research based, instruction methodology. This methodology is so effective that we offer a money back guarantee that sales people trained using SalesFlex will outperform salespeople trained on any other system.

  • Save Time: SalesFlex dramatically reduces training time through the use of accelerated learning strategies and intelligent systems that personalize coursework to the individual needs of each sales person.

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BrainX designed and patented the world's most powerful online learning system. It is unlike anything you have ever seen or used because it incorporates web 3.0 intelligent agent technology with smart online simulations that actually mold to the needs of each sales person and manager.

The BrainX system is so powerful that we offer a money back guarantee that it will outperform any system available anywhere in the world today. Do the test for yourself by training a control group of sales people and sales managers using your current training provider, and then another group using BrainX. We guarantee that the BrainX group will outperform the control group or we will refund your money. The amazing thing is that because BrainX is online and uses intelligent technology, BrainX is nearly always cheaper than the sales-training systems currently in use.

Every part of BrainX was developed by combining the latest neuroscience research on mastery learning with the best research on effective instruction. The original BrainX system was developed to train people to the point of mastery in the shortest amount of time. To accomplish this, the system figures out what each learner needs to learn and how each learner learns best. The system is so adaptable that it has been used successfully in schools, corporations, and for government training. Recently BrainX developed a new simulation system to train high-level executives and government agents to master complex interpersonal skills that have to be used under pressure. The system is also fantastic for training sales people. Working with some of the best sales training minds in the industry, BrainX combined the original training system with the new simulator platform to develop the SalesFlex System.

What is SalesFlex?

SalesFlex is an online sales training platform that uses personalized instruction and real world simulations to dramatically increase sales performance. It is so effective that we offer a money back guarantee that sales people trained using SalesFlex will outperform salespeople trained on any other system.

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How does SalesFlex work?

SalesFlex can be used as the entire system described below or a company can choose to use just one or two parts of the program.

Part 1 - Interviewing:
We interview your sales people and sales managers to learn about the really tough selling situations they face every day. Then we use these situations to develop intelligent benchmarking simulations that put each sales person in those situations to benchmark how they currently perform.

Part 2 - Real World Benchmarking:
We ask you to select a group of your top performing sales people, average performing sales people, lowest performing sales people, and recent hires to take the benchmarking simulations. As each person moves through the simulations their decisions are captured and their verbal responses are recorded and compared. This benchmarking, using your selling situations, products and services, allows us to show you how your sales people actually respond under the pressure of real-world selling situations.

We answer questions like - do our people actually use the selling strategies we taught them, are they able to actually recall and properly deliver the right product information at the right time, how do they respond to common objections, can they comprehend and respond properly to the dynamics of a complex selling situation, and much more. Perhaps the most interesting result of the benchmarking is to compare what your top people do and how they say things that sets them apart from the lower performing sales people.

Part 3 - Best Practice Performance Standards and Gap Analysis:
BrainX works with your people to evaluate the results of the benchmarking simulations and develop a set of Best Practice Performance Standards.

Part 4 - Training Simulations:
BrainX uses the Best Practice Performance Standards and other information to develop a set of intelligent training simulations. For example, a simulation might be developed to sell your new line of products and services to a company that has all the key characteristics of your typical prospects. The simulation might start out having the sales person make the first call to ask for an appointment with the prospect, then have the sales person verbally interact with a gatekeeper who is actively blocking access to a key decision maker.

Next, the simulation might place the salesperson in the first meeting with the decision-making team where they have to recognize and identify the politics and personality issues that are critical to understand in order to navigate through a complex selling situation. Next might be a questioning scene where the sales person has to effectively use the right type of questions to build an image in the mind of the prospect of the type of benefits they can gain from your products. The simulation can take the salesperson through each of the common steps of a complex sale and include sessions where the salesperson has to overcome objections and close the sale. All of these steps use your products and services and allow the salesperson to practice saying things properly in a safe environment.

Part 5 - Personalized Training:
The digital tutor gives each sales person and sales manager an assessment that measures their knowledge, skills and beliefs against the Best Practices Standards. Armed with this information the Personal Digital Tutor builds a personal set of lessons and simulations for each person. This ensures that everyone focuses on just what they need to learn and no one wastes a minute of valuable time going over material they have already mastered.

In addition to teaching the material, the online digital tutor uses a patented system for reinforcing learned information over a period of several days or weeks - whatever is required to lock the learned information in long-term memory and cause the brain to write the new programming required to produce flexible reasoning skills that easily adapt to any selling situation.

Now this all may seem complicated and expensive. Complicated is not a problem because BrainX does all the complicated work. The result is an intuitive, easy to use training system and simulations. The system can even integrate with your current Learning Management System (LMS). Because BrainX has developed an intelligent platform for building and delivering simulations, we are able to build simulations that are twice as effective as traditional simulations at about half the price of traditional simulations.

Generally, if you have 30 or more sales people, the money saved by switching from traditional sales training to SalesFlex more than covers the cost of developing the simulations, and the increase in sales is many magnitudes higher than the ongoing fees to give your salespeople unrestricted access to the simulations. The bottom line is that because of the decrease in training costs and the increase in sales performance produced by SalesFlex, the most expensive thing you can do is not use SalesFlex.

Does BrainX work with any selling methodology?

Yes, from non-manipulative selling to solution selling to the sales systems used in automotive sales, SalesFlex can accommodate them all. We can provide a selling system if you don't have one, but we are just as happy to work with your current selling system. You choose your selling system and we will train your sales people to effectively use the selling system with your products and services, resulting in a dramatic increase in sales.

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