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Retail Store - Internal Medicine Exam Review

Excellent for First Time or Recertification!

Excellent for first time or recertification!

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  • Four full length simulated board practice exams.
  • Each question comes with a complete explanation of the correct     answer.
  • Accelerated Learning Proven to Achieve Success

    Dr. Fischer has been teaching and working with residents and students to prepare for medical board exams for over 10 years. During his 5 years as an Internal Medicine Residency Director, Dr. Fischer helped his residents increase their pass rates on the Internal Medicine Board exam from 52% to 100%!

    After extensive research, Dr. Fischer has chosen BrainX as the platform for his Internal Medicine practice questions because it incorporates the latest theories about the best ways to learn, provides extensive feedback to help you maximize your study time, and has been proven to significantly increase retention of critical information. Dr. Fischer's simulated exam presented in the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite represents the best preparation tool for you to pass the boards.

    Comes With Your Own Personal Digital Tutor

    This course is presented in the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite, which allows students to access the course from any computer with internet access. The BrainX Digital Tutor Suite is based on over 200 research studies on the neurobiology of learning. Independent research shows that students who use the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite reduce their time spent studying, while dramatically increasing their test performance.

    The BrainX System gives you your own Personal Digital Tutor which uses powerful accelerated learning strategies to help you quickly master all the information you need to ‘ace the exam’. You can also take simulated exams and the Tutor will give you a complete explanation of any of the items covered in a question. In addition, the Tutor will keep track of what you have mastered and what information you still need to review. It will work with you until you have mastered all the information. With BrainX, you will know when you are ready to pass, so you can be confident on the day you take the Internal Medicine Exam.

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