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Getting A’s; Secrets Expert Learners Use to Get Straight A’s

Click here to purchase Getting A's and start your Risk Free Trial! Use Getting A's for 14 days risk free and if for any reason you are not delighted with the product call or email BrainX for a 100% refund.

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Improve your Grades

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Getting A's: Secrets Expert Learners Use to Get Straight A's reveals powerful methods anyone can use to accelerate learning and get better grades using a unique online digital tutor. By taking this course and using the online tools you will be an expert learner for life, in fact we guarantee it.

With Getting A's, students will:

  • Get A's faster and easier

  • Take tests with confidence

  • Master course material in a fraction of the time

  • Learn

  • How to cut reading time by using Expert Learning Strategies

  • How to get more out of every lecture by using the secret of Active Listening

  • How to take expert notes

  • How to study in the most effective way

  • How to deal with test anxiety

  • How to manage time effectively

  • How to use accelerated learning strategies to speed up learning

  • How to understand will power so it can be used as a tool to achieve greater results

  • The Research:

    BrainX is based on the latest research on accelerated learning and includes a Personal Digital Tutor that helps you accelerate the learning of anything.

    For years education researchers have shown that the number one predictor of academic success is not intelligence or how hard a student works. Instead, it is the strategies that a student uses to learn that determines his success.

    BrainX decided that all students should know these strategies and got to work by first examining over 400 research studies on the learning strategies used by the top 2% of students. BrainX then incorporated the latest brain research on accelerated learning to make these strategies even more effective.

    There was still one problem; some of the strategies were a too tedious. To overcome this, BrainX hired a team of computer programmers who were specialists in artificial intelligence. These programmers created a digital tutor that automates the most tedious parts of studying for you. The tutor also determines how you learn best and uses that information to improve the efficiency of your learning process.

    The Results:

    An independent research study performed by the Orange County California Department of Education shows that a group of students who used the BrainX system increased performance by 142% over a control group that did not use the system.

    Note to Researchers and Educators: Contact BrainX for more information about this study and other research that proves the effectiveness of the BrainX System and to learn how you can use the BrainX system at your school. BrainX school division: (805)384-1001

    Risk Free Trial:

    Purchase the Getting As course and you can use it Risk Free for 14 days. If at any point in the first 14 days you decide Getting As is not worth every penny you paid for it, then you can call or e-mail BrainX for a full refund.

    The regular cost of the Getting As course is $129.99 however, for a limited time you can buy it for a special offer of only $59.99. In addition, you get One Full Year of FREE use of our Personal Study System and the ability to store up to one gigabyte of your own study information on our servers. If you ever need to store more than one Gigabyte of study material on our servers you can purchase extra storage capacity for a small monthly charge that starts as low as $4 a month. Use the BrainX Personal Study System to create your own study guides or to capture information for reports and papers. Your digital tutor will use a research proven method to help you master the information in the study guides or to organize mounds of information into neat papers.

    With this special offer, even if you cancel your subscription to the Getting As course in the 14 day trial period you will still be able to keep the free one year of access to the online BrainX Personal Study System.

    After the One year free trial you will be billed just $6.97 a month for the powerful Personal Study System. You can use the Personal Study System for as long as you want or cancel with a simple phone call or email to BrainX.

    Buy now at the discounted price of just $59.99 and get a free one year of Personal Study System.

    More Information

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    Your Personal Digital Tutor helps you capture information you need to learn for tests, then helps you master the information using a research proven accelerated learning system. For reports it helps you organized the information for writing a paper and then export the information along with bibliography information into a Word document that you can use as the outline for your report.

    BrainX is not a book or an old fashion CD-ROM program. Instead it is a multi-million dollar digital tutoring system that uses accelerated learning tools to help you quickly master each of the expert learning strategies so they become second nature.

    The BrainX digital tutor is available to you 24 hours a day from any computer with internet access. The tutor also automates the tedious parts of learning so every second you spend in the system is focused on exactly what you need to do to learn the most in the least amount of time.

    Myths about Study Skills and Learning:

    Unfortunately, most of what you have been taught in the past about the most effective ways to study and learn is wrong and even worse; most of these strategies continue to be taught in popular study skills courses and books. Here are some examples:

    Myth1: SQ3R is an effective way to study. WRONG. SQ3R was developed more than sixty years ago, before the dawn of modern education research and before we had a good understanding of how the Brain goes from initial understanding to mastery. SQ3R is tedious and requires a student to spend much more time studying than is actually needed. The modern, brain research based approach used by BrainX achieves much better results in much less time.

    Myth 2: The best way to prepare for a test is to take multiple-choice question based practice tests. WRONG. In the course you will discover why using multiple-choice questions for studying actually slows down long term memory formation and causes you to have to do more work.

    Myth 3: Some people are naturally bad test takers. The research shows that there is no such thing as a naturally bad test taker; only test takers who are using the wrong strategies. BrainX will teach you the research proven most effective test taking strategies.

    Myth 4: I am a left brain or right brain learner. WRONG. Everyone uses their whole brain and the learning process has nothing to do with hemispheres of the brain. The accelerated learning strategies taught in this course work for everyone.

    In this course you will learn how to not be fooled by other myths that cause you to study in ways that are time consuming and ineffective.

    Customer Testimonials

    "My grades in school were pulled up immediately when I started using the Getting A's program; moreover, my understanding of the information skyrocketed."
    Charlie McDowell - 10th Grade

    "Seeing your child struggle with their studies at school can be a very helpless feeling. When my son started using Getting A's and began to have more confidence in his ability to learn and study, all my doubts and fears fell away and I knew he would succeed in school."
    Terri McDowell - Charlie's Mom

    "My daughter was a straight 'A' student but she spent way too much of her life studying. The Getting A's book and the BrainX software allowed her to cut her study time by fifty percent and still maintain straight A's."
    Elaine Slomina

    "Law school, like any graduate program is an extreme test of time-management. BrainX allows me to quickly compile and organize large amounts of information from diverse sources (textbooks, websites, word documents, etc.) without having to jump from one application to another. And because one of the key features is the customized Study Sessions functionality, I have cut my test prep time in half."
    Adrian Haynes - Law Student

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