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Pre Assessments

In schools BrainX is primarily used to help struggling learners dramatically improve their academic performance. It is remarkably effective with English Learners, Special Education Students and students with low motivation levels. The success of BrainX with  struggling learners has earned BrainX prestigious honors as well as extensive positive write ups in T.H.E Journal and other publications. BrainX is also used to help high performing learners reach even greater levels of academic achievement.

How it works Pre Assessments Coursework The BrainX Advantage

The BrainX pre-assessments produce a standard-by-standard report that gives teachers an overview of which standards each student is struggling with as well as which standards are difficult for the class as a whole. Teachers can use this information to tailor lesson plans to emphasize the standards that were most commonly missed. This is also the baseline measurement the digital Tutor uses to determine improvement in student performance over the course of the year. Additionally, the assessments let each student know which standards they passed or failed, and then tracks and date stamps when they achieve mastery of each failed standard, so they can see their own progress.