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The Ultimate Bible Study and Memorization System!

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Finally, an easy way to study the Bible and memorize Scripture! Bible by Heart™ is built on the patented and proven BrainX Digital Learning System to make memorizing Scripture easy and enjoyable!

The Bible by Heart Course includes:

  • A Digital Learning Guide to help you master the Bible by Heart method     of Scripture memorization
  • A Digital Tutor that helps you study more effectively
  • A video introduction
  • A large set of key verses
  • An eBook of Bible by Heart provides easy-to-follow instructions on the best way to use the BrainX Digital Learning System to study the Bible and memorize Scripture. You'll also learn what new research has revealed about the incredible benefits of memorizing Scripture. The built-in Digital Tutor uses a research-proven quizzing method that accelerates learning and helps you memorize Scripture so completely that you can easily recall them at any time.

    Current Users of the Bible by Heart System Said:

    "We have always struggled with Scripture memorization and retention, and Bible by Heart has made it such a joy to learn the Bible." Bud and Betty Miller, founders of Bible.com.

    "I have been memorizing Scripture for a couple of years, but never as easily as this. What a product! I thank you for bringing glory to God by developing this software. No doubt He has a smile on His face." Robert Mallon, user in Georgia. "I have never seen anything so powerful in helping people to memorize and retain Scripture." Steve Larson, Sr. Pastor, E.V. Free Church of the Canejo Valley.

    The BrainX Advantage

    This course is presented in the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite, which allows students to access the course from any computer with internet access. The only requirement is that you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. The BrainX Digital Tutor Suite is based on over 200 research studies on the neurobiology of learning. Independent research shows that students who use the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite to study for exams reduce the time they have to spend studying and dramatically increase their retention.

    The BrainX System gives you your own Personal Digital Tutor who uses powerful accelerated learning strategies to help you quickly master the included verses. In addition, the Tutor will keep track of what you have mastered and what information you still need to review. It will work with you until you have mastered all the information.

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