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Microbe Online Study Guide For Microbe

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The BrainX E-Learning System study guide for Microbe enhances learning and allows students to make more productive use of their study time. Creation of the study guide begins with an expert in the field who reads each chapter and identifies the core concepts that are likely to appear on exams. The identified core concepts are then converted into Learning Questions which the Digital Tutor uses to quiz the student until the assigned chapter has been mastered.

Key Features of the BrainX E-Learning System Study Guide

Personal Digital Tutor - The Digital Tutor organizes learning sessions and keeps track of what has been learned and what remains to be learned. This is a proven accelerated learning strategy that helps learners quickly master the information in each lesson.

Record What You Know - Before an assigned chapter from Microbe is read, the Digital Tutor asks the student a question that is designed to stimulate thinking about the content covered in the chapter. Students are asked open-ended questions and are prompted to answer in their own words.

Engaging Material - Microbe is written in a clear, reader-friendly style to engage students in the learning process. The book is divided into seven sections covering the most pertinent information related to the study of microbes, including microbial activity; structure and function; growth, inheritance, physiology, and diversity; and biological interactions.

Personalized Quiz Sessions That Help Build Memory - After the assigned chapter from Microbe has been read, the Digital Tutor asks questions designed to reinforce the information covered in the book. The Digital Tutor selects the best questions to quiz students on the material until it has been mastered. The Tutor keeps track of the concepts that have been mastered and those yet to be learned.

Utilize Hints and Explanations at Any Time - The Digital Tutor will provide students with a hint if the answer to a question as been forgotten. Students can also read a complete explanation if they have forgotten the answer to a question and a hint is not helpful enough.

Personalized Reports Track Progress - The Digital Tutor records and illustrates the results of each study session and the time spent studying.

Record What You Have Learned - After the chapter has been read and the study questions have been answered, the Tutor asks the same question that was asked at the beginning of the session to give the student the opportunity to summarize and review the material that has been learned.

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