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Employee Retention for Managers and Supervisors

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Research has shown that the single most important factor in retaining an employee is the relationship between the employee and their immediate supervisor. Wise employers emphasize that retention is the job of management, not other employees or human resource professionals. What are you doing to ensure that you keep your good people?

This powerful course has the following features

The course is organized into the following 10 valuable lessons. Each lesson delivers content that managers can use to improve employee retention and increase performance.

1. Today's Employment Environment
2. The Importance of the Manager's Role
3. Why Good People Leave Employers
4. The Culture Thing
5. Enlightened Leadership
6. The Power of Relationships
7. Providing Support
8. Growth and Development
9. Reward and Recognition
10. Measurement and Monitoring

This course utilizes The BrainX Digital Tutor Suite, in which each learner gets their own Personal Digital Tutor that uses research proven accelerated learning strategies to help them quickly master the information in each lesson. The Personal Digital Tutor molds each lesson to your needs and lets you move at the pace that is best for you.

Created by Roger Herman, the "Father of Employee Retention", author of ‘Keeping Good People’ and other books.

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