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The Platinum Rule - BrainX Digital Learning System.

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Have you ever wondered why you hit it off with some people immediately, while with others it's like oil and water? That's because there are four primary behavioral styles, each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Either they are reacting negatively to your natural behaviors, or vice versa. However, once you understand behavioral styles, you will have the ability to get along with nearly anyone.
When it comes to meaningful personal development, we have discovered that there are two types of people: The first type is ‘the dabbler’. They flit from book to book, seminar to seminar without truly mastering any one principle. The second type is ‘the serious student’. They invest time, energy and money on their growth and enjoy rewarding careers, success and fulfillment through achievement.

Which type are you?

If you view yourself as a dabbler, read no further. If you are serious about learning how to create winning interpersonal relationships, read on.

Here is some good news: It doesn't take years to build a high level of interpersonal mastery. Because Dr. Alessandra has entered 3 decades of his knowledge into the BrainX online Learning System, you can master adaptability in weeks!

When you first log into the system, you will receive your very own Personal Digital Tutor. Your Tutor will determine your levels of knowledge in specific areas, and will then mold the course to your specific requirements. Next, the Tutor will use research-proven accelerated learning strategies to help you quickly master the Platinum Rule information.

Unfortunately, learning the material is not enough to become a Master. The reality is that most people forget 80% of what they learn, just days after ingesting new knowledge. They won't retain enough information to be able to master interpersonal success. Your Personal Digital Tutor solves this problem by organizing special review Study Sessions that reinforce the information you have learned until it is permanently locked in your long-term memory. These 10 to 15 minute Study Sessions use a patented process that dramatically accelerates the formation of long-term memories. Best of all, working with your Personal Digital Tutor is fun!

Benefits enjoyed by people who have mastered The Platinum Rule

  • Richer relationships with spouses and loved ones.
  • More income and promotions at work.
  • The ability to turn strangers into friends.
  • More charisma and enhanced powers of persuasion.
  • The ability to win friends and influence people.
  • The online mastery system includes

  • The BrainX Personal Digital Tutor to guide you through the steps of the Platinum Rule course.
  • The complete professional level course.
  • Access to an online behavioral assessment that is designed to identify your behavioral style     and provide you with a 41-page personalized report.
  • Video training with Dr. Alessandra.
  • A quick warm up 'Styles Review' guide that will help you get ready for a sales call or a     presentation.

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