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Psychological Narrative Analysis with Jack Schafer

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This course is for FBI agents, Police detectives, intelligence officers and professional investigators. Although no pre-knowledge of investigation techniques is required, the course assumes that learners have some field experience. This course teaches a powerful, non-violent interrogation method that is proven to be more accurate at detecting lies than a lie detector. Once you have uncovered a lie the system will teach you an effective technique for getting the suspect to reveal the truth. In addition to teaching verbal interrogation, the course teaches you how to analyze written statements.
This System has been used to solve difficult cases in all fields of law enforcement, from counter-terrorism to bank fraud investigations.

If you are in law enforcement, this course will help you solve crimes faster because you can quickly determine which suspects are telling the truth and which are lying. This allows you to focus your investigation where it will do the most good. This course is normally taught as a 3-day intensive live seminar but has been transformed into the advanced BrainX e-Learning System so you can study from any computer that has internet access. When you start the course you will be assigned a Personal Digital Tutor which will teach you the knowledge and techniques in a series of short, 10-20 minute, lessons. After you take a lesson, the Tutor will reinforce the material on several different days using accelerated learning strategies that will lock the information into your long term memory. You log in whenever you have the time and the Tutor personalizes the material to fit into your schedule.

The BrainX Personal Digital Tutor continues to work with you on an individual basis until you become completely fluent in the knowledge and techniques. The result is that you will be able to effortlessly apply these powerful techniques to any and every investigation.

About the author

John R. Schafer, PhD is a retired FBI Special Agent and a Clinical Psychologist . He spent the last seven of his 20 year career as a behavioral analyst, assigned to FBI's National Security Behavioral Analysis Program. He also taught Interview and Interrogation techniques at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Special Agent Schafer's investigative experience includes foreign counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, civil rights, and crimes against children. He also served as a pilot and a Korean linguist early in his FBI career. Special Agent Schafer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Elmhurst College, a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Fielding Graduate University.

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