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Ultimate Success: Massage and Bodywork National Certification Exam Review and Simulated Test

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Over 1,250 practice questions!

  • Four full length simulated National board practice exams.
  • Over 600 review questions on key facts you need to pass the exam.
  • Each question comes with a complete explanation of the correct     answer.
  • National Exam Study Preparation e-book with information on test     taking strategies and test preparation.
  • Contains all the material you will need to pass the national exam!

    This course was developed by Leo Ramos, Association Dean of Academics Body Mind College. He has been conducting review programs for the past four years in the San Diego area and has helped hundreds of students. The pass rate from Body Mind College students on the national exam has been 100%.

    This course was created to prepare students to take the computerized exam, given by the Certification Board. It is especially effective because it allows students to customize their material to focus their attention on a specific topic or area of weakness. In addition, each review question comes with a detailed explanation to make the study process more effective and to eliminate many hours of searching for answers’ justification.

    Comes With Your Own Personal Digital Tutor

    This course is presented in the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite, which allows students to access the course from any computer with internet access. The only requirement is that you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. The BrainX Digital Tutor Suite is based on over 200 research studies on the neurobiology of learning. Independent research shows that students who use the BrainX Digital Tutor Suite to study for exams reduce the time they have to spend studying and dramatically increase their test performance.

    The BrainX System gives you your own Personal Digital Tutor who uses powerful accelerated learning strategies to help you quickly master all the information you need to ‘ace the exam’. You can also take simulated exams and the Tutor will give you a complete explanation of any of the items covered in a question. In addition, the Tutor will keep track of what you have mastered and what information you still need to review. It will work with you until you have mastered all the information. With BrainX, you will know when you are ready to pass the exam, so you can be confident on the day you take the Massage Therapy National Certification Exam.

    Who Developed the Course Material?

    Aurelio (Leo) Ramos, H.H.P, M.Ed., has been an educator for over 12 years and has worked with a wide range of students, both in age and content. He holds his Masters Degree in Education from the University of California, Los Angles (UCLA) and has dedicated his life to education, and to providing it in a way that makes sense and is fun. He has also been a practicing Holistic Health Practitioner and has successfully passed the National Certification Exam with high scores. After passing the exam and noticing that colleagues were struggling, he focused his attention on helping them prepare. Eventually, Leo created a class for passing the exam, and has had a 100% success rate. Now, Leo and his team have enhanced the effectiveness of the class by creating this powerful software. It is very easy to understand and has amazing flexibility that allows each student to customize a program that is right for them. The information is provided in a clear concise manner, allowing for immediate feedback and eliminating hours of research. Leo vast experience at maximizing the potential for each student, however, the most powerful aspect of his teaching is that it is set up to increase an individuals’ self-confidence, which is of utmost importance in being successful.

    Bonus Feature! - Ultimate Success includes a mini course on how to be an expert test taker. This course was developed from extensive research on the most effective test taking strategies. Now you can learn to be an expert test taker!

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