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BrainX Advantage

How much money are you losing because your people don't always use the best sales, compliance and purchasing methods? At BrainX we have an assessment that can answer this question. We also have a research-proven system to train your people in a way that dramatically increases their use of the proper methods, which results in increased performance.

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BrainX created its Online Learning System by observing and correcting the flaws in all other e-learning systems. A 2009 study done by the U.S. Government concluded that the two primary reasons that e-learning fails is that students can find ways to ‘complete’ work without really learning anything and the e-learning platforms don’t strive to produce mastery, so learned information is quickly forgotten.

BrainX uses a new approach to online training that is based on extensive brain research that focuses on how the brain works, and how to best use information to achieve goals. Our first step is to help you define your goal, then it is our job to enable you to reach it in the least amount of time. By understanding how the brain works, we can shave hours off of training time and increase performance beyond your expectations. To prove it, BrainX offers progress monitoring and performance measuring tools so you can quantify your success.