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Create/Upload Content

Use Existing Content

The BrainX Online Training System includes a comprehensive Coursework Creation toolset that allows you to use your existing content in a whole new way. The easy-to-use interface enables non-technical developers to use any medium, whether it is audio, video, Flash, html, or just MS Office files to create the best possible coursework for Learners' study needs with the touch of a button.

BrainX Content Creation Services

BrainX can work with your management team to determine what training material can be repurposed and what needs to be created. BrainX will develop material for your needs based on managementís expectations and requirements, so you get the exact results you want.

BrainX allows cohesive and effective courses to be created and presented in a way that works with the brainís natural tendencies. So, let BrainX will take the technical and neuroscientific requirements off of your hands so you can focus on your business.